Home Life

The Home

Caring for your husband and family is a great task; enjoying your work is your great comfort. I hope this page will encourage you to surrender self and live for others. Your family is worthy of your time and talent. God will bless you when you do your best, so be faithful each day in your noble calling at home!

A Mother’s Treasure is the Home

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matt. 6:21
What an honored responsibility it is to be entrusted with little impressionable lives!

We as mothers have the finest opportunity to influence them for good and train them to serve the Lord every day. Home is a special shelter to nourish and teach them to love and help others. How glad I have been to have such a ministry.

Some people do not find that being a mother is very rewarding and consider it beneath them to be constantly caring for a child’s needs. The worth and value of motherhood are not applauded in the world either. Yet our service is valuable to the nation at large. We are raising the next generation of adults who will have a profound influence on our culture and the church. Developing gifts at home will prepare us to be a blessing in many places. All mothers have special abilities that are useful in this holy duty of motherhood. Our hearts as well as our hands need to be active to find joy. God graciously adds strength as children are added. It can be hard to wait to see the fruit of our noble service, but God will reward us with peace and rest when our labor is finally ended.

When you get discouraged, it may help you to remember that children are called the heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is his reward. (Ps. 127:3) The child himself is a reward, a living treasure that we may enjoy now, the gold and silver that shine in our abode. You may not have much on earth, but everything you do or spend for your little treasures is on a heavenly investment plan. Nothing done for Christ is lost, even if it is just giving a little child a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name.

What does our ministry involve? Mainly, it is that of service and sacrifice. Why? For the joy that is set before us. Not every day will be full of joy, but every day can train us and them for future joy. Our service at home should first lead us to worship the Lord in private and in public. Time spent in training our own hearts privately will help us to train the children in the public environment of our home, whether company is present or not. Worship is found in humility, not pride. Since private prayer leads to public practice, our duties should be attempted willingly without notice or praise. No task should seem too small or too insignificant to accomplish for our husband and children. Our service at home should also lead us to walk wisely, redeeming the time. The wise woman works diligently in the home with her hands, cooking, cleaning, and caring for needs. She wisely builds her home with kind help and quiet tones. She is wise in scheduling time, in spending money, and in sharing the Scriptures with each child as time allows and troubles create a need to teach them. The future reward of your service is worth it.

Give your best to your family each day. Your example is eternally important. Do not grow weary in well doing, because the trials that come to you are part of God’s plan to teach you new skills and learn better ways to help your family. In due season you will reap if you faithfully endure these tests and continue to put others needs first. When your real investment in heavenly treasure finally matures, the dividends will comfort and bless you.