Finding Joy in Finishing Well

Have you ever wished to be recognized and presented with your degree as a teacher?

Since May is graduation month, I believe it is high time that the achievement of all of you faithful Home Educators out there be honored. Therefore…. Drum roll, please… I am hereby pleased to present the letters you can inscribe after your signature….Hs.M. – for Homeschool Mom. Your very own title can be used with any signature for instant delight: (Mrs. Jane Doe, Hs.M.)   If you have been successfully teaching your children for ten years or more, perhaps you could change it to M.H.E. and let it stand for Master of Home Education, instead. 🙂   Okay, okay…. It was the thought that counts.

Luckily, academic results do not depend on the letters after our names, or the lack of them.  If you have been diligent and consistent in your special work to educate your children, the results are evident to others. The fruit of your hands is truly praise enough!

If this was your first year of homeschooling your children, congratulations!  Some of your days may have been discouraging, but you kept going and now you’ve made it!

If you are still debating about continuing next year, I can assure you it will be worth it. Just think of the advantages that will continue for each child, such as a totally Christian environment and the opportunity for your child to learn at his own pace!  Look back at the rewards of spending time together and the discoveries that you made together.  Memories of good days and progress can inspire you to plan ahead for more of them.

May is the best time to plan for the next school year because you still have a fresh view of the work each child is completing and you are still alert to where he has struggled during the year.  It is very wise to write all this down now.  Figuring out which subjects, textbooks, and other resources that you will need next year will also be easier with this information ready.   This is especially important if a child is working ahead in one subject but is behind in another.  Also, if he just struggles in one topic in math, such as division, for instance, you can focus your hunt for a text that majors in division.

The Used Book Fair this month is an excellent place to begin collecting what you will need for the coming year.  The huge selection and great prices make it possible to compare textbooks in a relaxed setting.  You will find some or all of the resources that you want to use.  It is great to be able to purchase books that you otherwise could not afford, too.  Check the date and make plans to be there.

Pray for wisdom in what to do for the coming year and begin preparing now while you finish up your schooling for this year. A quiet joy and satisfaction will be yours if you continue to do well, even if it takes all summer.  Real reward is not actually in letters affixed to your name anyway.  It is found in the happiness of a job well done and the joy of watching your child’s education blossom into a life that blesses others.

© 2010   Melanie Lippert
JoyfulMOMS Ps. 113:9