Melanie Lippert, Editor of JoyfulMOMS.net

My name is Melanie Lippert.  I am an ordinary, conservative Christian mother who chooses, with God’s help, to lead an extraordinary life at home among my children, teaching and training them.  My husband, Andrew, and I met at Tennessee Temple University. We were married in 1983 and we have been blessed with eight children ( 7 boys and 1 girl). I have enjoyed raising God’s gifts to me and holding a graduation every other year!  My oldest son, David (28), drives a tractor trailer rig for a Christian employer in the North.  My next son, Chad (26), works for the Sword of the Lord and Fed EX to support adding training credentials to his private pilot’s license. He completed his instrument rating in Alaska at Kingdom Air Corps and is beginning on his commercial rating.  My third son, Dustin (24), recently graduated from Pensacola Christian College – (Graphic Design) and was blessed with a job at the Sword of the Lord.  My daughter Harmony (22), just graduated from PCC this May, earning a nursing degree.  Next is Veith (20) who has finished his first year at PCC, majoring in missions.  All of them are still waiting on God’s best for a lifetime mate.  Finally, still in school is Seth (16). He is a skilled leather-worker, and currently wants to become a policeman. He also loves helping at the local Teen Court just like his older brother and sister did.  Veith, Harmony, and Seth especially enjoy serving as volunteers at the Bill Rice Ranch in Tennessee every summer.  Benjamin (13) and Brion (10) both love co-op day, memorizing verses for AWANA Club (KJV) at our church. They also love chess, building things, playing with Legos, and reading Hardy Boys books, too.

Lippert Family

We have homeschooled since 1990 in a traditional way, but have since added simple classical studies and practical experiences for the high school years.  Our main curriculum includes: A Beka Grammar, science, spelling, and history; BJU’s Bible Truths and reading; C.L.A.S.S. for Bible, spelling, and reading; Plaid Phonics, and Saxon Math. We add a little music, art, Latin, and logic (Bluedorn’s), plus some speech/debate to spice up the year.   Since moving to Oklahoma in 2012, we have joined the local co-op for more extra-curricular fun and learning.

I have often felt God urging me to reach out to encourage other mothers like myself who desire God’s best.  I do not have all the answers, but I am glad to share what God has taught me.  I, too, am blessed when others help me with ideas and advice as I continue on this journey. It is a tall order in 2014 to fulfill our duty at home with joy.  I welcome your fellowship in seeking peace and holiness while teaching our children likewise.  We can reap good fruit for our labor, if we choose daily to be diligent in our ministry at home!

Homeschooling around the table

Like many of you, we live frugally just for this joyful privilege of homeschooling.  We live in a small city in a very small house on a small budget in Lawton,Oklahoma. Since I am very petite, this seems very fitting.  Over the years, I managed to learn how to clean, cook, sew, bake and budget.  I am still learning new things about frugal Christian living every year.  I am not very good at growing things (though I try every year) so I mostly shop generic and cook simple homemade meals.   Besides the Bible, an amazing book I think everyone should read is “Gifted Hands”- the Ben Carson story, as well as the timely “Jumping Ship” by Michael and Debi Pearl.

Some of you may believe a homesteading lifestyle to be better, and I respect such differences as living in obedience to your husband’s plan for your family.  We can still agree on the heart issues and real values that are essential for godly living.  Surface differences of birthing, location, bread-baking, etc. ought not divide us when the heart of motherhood is training children. It is our ministry.  When moral or spiritual issues crop up in your relationships, it is charitable to speak the truth in love, attempting to restore the heart and heal the spirit even when you still may differ.

Lippert Children among the Bluebonnets of Texas

Regarding values, I am solidly pro-life, believing that abortion is always wrong.  I believe every word of the Bible is true and is the only standard for faith and practice. I believe in the virgin birth of Jesus. His death and shed blood paid for my sins, and He was resurrected the third day.  I believe the KJV is worthy and honorable as the preserved text for English speaking people.  Even if your family uses a different version, it is still essential that you read God’s Word and search it daily to grow in grace, faith, and love.