Life Sunday

Yesterday was Life Sunday to remember the unborn who were murdered in the womb, and to rejoice in the gift of life, as well as pray for pregnant moms who need to choose life for their unborn.

Abortion is a national scourge. It has cost more than lives.  It costs women their peace of mind and costs our nation a wealth of people who would have helped our economy, paid their taxes, and likely developed new technologies for the world’s benefit. Our Pastor noted also that it may have cost us even a cure for cancer, for instance, if the one who was to discover it has been aborted.  My pastor’s message encouraged us to be prayerful and to persevere in helping reach these moms and be willing to offer them truth and hope and even help in whatever way God directs.

I suddenly remembered a poem that I wrote a long while ago and I found it to share.  It speaks clearly to this life issue. Please share it with moms who need the reminder to give their baby the gift of life.

A Tiny Cry for Life

 I’m just a tiny baby
As precious as can be;
Mommy knows I’m in here,
But she does not want me.
I heard her telling someone
Of a doctor she will see,
Because she is so certain
It will end her misery.
I feel so safe and warm here
Inside my little den,
And, yet, my own dear mommy
Wishes I had never been.
Has no one cared to tell her
How special I will be?
“Please, God, do not let
That doctor murder me!”
“Dear Mommy, please consider
The grief that you must bare
If you refuse this blessing
And the joy I long to share.”
But I can hear the doctor
Now coming like a thief
To take away my precious life
So she can have relief.
I squirm and wiggle frantically,
Though I know it’s no use.
The doctor says he’s ready now…
“Dear Mommy, PLEASE refuse!”
Melanie Lippert
c. 1988
This poem may be freely circulated
when it is distributed free and in
its entire form.


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