Sovereignty Victory

I have been following the latest Congressional vote regarding the treaty that would take away our parental right to decide the care of our own children’s needs if they happen to be disabled in any way.  The Democrats would love to sell us down the river and give away America’s sovereignty to an international bureau that does not respect the rights of parents who raise them and love them.

Americans have already got GOOD laws on the books in each state that protect our 4th Amendment rights and offer aid to children for any parent who chooses it.  We don’t need any foreigners telling us how to run our country or how to raise our children.

Thankfully, there were enough clear-thinking Republicans left who will stand strong for American freedom!!  I applaud every one of them! I am sure that there were many prayers being made for wisdom and courage for the Senators.  I know the children and I were praying at five minutes to noon, and rejoiced in the immediate news of Victory.

Our President should realize that the majority of Americans DO CARE about freedom, family, and faith.  I suspect that secretly even some Democrats were not all for this treaty either, but they were just too chicken to vote NO.  Perhaps they will be brave next time and defend their God given rights and ours.

Let freedom ring!


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