As always, today is a day of great grace and joy in the benefits God has given to every American.  Many do not acknowledge our rights and privileges, but they still exist!

From our first pilgrim fathers to those of our own close family fathers who first came to this land to continue our faith and freedoms, we are so grateful.  Though our current government seeks means to limit or destroy our unalienable rights and freedoms, they can never take what is sincerely held in the heart and conscience of each believer.  Homeschooling  affords the precious opportunity to pass on the sincerely held beliefs that first reigned in this nation, as well as solid academic training to aid this nation’s future.

Even if you have very little of this world’s goods and eat a simple meal this holiday, you are blessed beyond measure with so many special blessings.  Even our testings and crosses to bear are to bring us ultimate good by the Good Hand of God upon us and our free nation.

Today, even in suffering, rejoice for the mercy God has displayed in your life as well as the grace of receiving better than we deserve at all times.  Today, this verse, “In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”(I Thess. 5:18) is repeating in my mind over and over.  May you find comfort in this Word to the wise, too.

Wishing you joy and rest today,


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