School Schedules

I have a new article up  on my website called Finding Joy in Scheduling.  Sometimes it takes me days and a few revisions to finalize a school year schedule, but it is worth every minute.  Much time saved and many goals accomplished are very restful to the heart at days end.

Besides my usual schedule, I had to make a separate list today to be certain that I finished the major things that had to be done.  Today, grading chemistry, cleaning spots on a rug (the dog thought I needed something extra to do), and deep cleaning one bathroom with my seven year old (he loves to clean the sink!) were in my chore slot. Yes, grading chemistry is a chore(not the highlight of my week), but it must be done. If I didn’t have a scheduled time for such things it would be hard to focus on what is best to do each day.

If you generally get by without a schedule, I encourage you to try one until Christmas to see why they are so beneficial.  Keep it simple and leave wiggle room for all those minor interruptions that will occur.  I also coordinate important things on my purse calendar so that I am not likely to forget either special or routine happenings.

If you have several children to coordinate, don’t let it scare you away from trying.  I have found that the children will even help each other to remember what they have to do next once they see the benefit of it.  Now they look forward to their schedule every year.

If you want detailed help with designing a schedule that works for your family, I highly recommend the Maxwell’s guide called “Managers of Their Homes.”  You can find it at as well as other helps like chore charts.

Smile, its always time for joy.


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