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I thought I might share my general chore scheduling, past and present.  These are representative of my plan for eons it seems. The main change has been adding new helpers at certain ages and deleting children who graduate and leave.  For many years, we kept a bathroom chore schedule in the children’s bathroom so each one would have a ready reminder for their chore. I finally placed myself on the list for one job a week also.  This took a great deal of discipline for me when my days were already so hectic with toddlers and babies in the mix, but I did so for several reasons.  One, I could have any child who was not efficient at their chore do it with me again.  Two, it helped me to be diligent to inspect what I expect.  Three, I think Mom should lead by example in helping another at their tasks. I am not above cleaning a mess they made if needed.  Four, children are more willing to clean their share if the job never gets too gross, so, every month, I knew each part would be very clean for a week!  Five, a clean bathroom cuts germs and sickness immensely, saving me from many troubles and doctor bills.

Bathroom Chores

Bathroom Chores

Now that each is older and knows how to do each chore, each should do the entire bathroom on his week at least once and the sink daily. The youngest still works with me on my week to observe and practice. By this method, the bathroom is not often an embarrassment for family or surprise company, since I have forced myself to make a habit of checking up on it.

Bi Monthly Chores

By Monthly Chores

Once, for several months, we tried this schedule of rotating chores twice a month. This had many advantages, the fatal flaw being the inequality of days per month of work since some months are longer and some had more Sundays to be off than others, so we finally returned to a weekly schedule, such as our current one,( shown next.) I still do help all the boys with the kitchen chore each day, but they do what they are able.

This one also allows for the inevitable fifth week that occurs 3 – 5 times a year which I write on the regular calendar so we will all know when that is.  Cleaning and inspecting their bedrooms before school is automatic now as well so that is not included here.

Current Schedule


This last Saturday chart has been up for years, mainly for me for things I might forget otherwise.  Though a bit messy and somewhat obsolete, it still reminds me of some sporadic jobs for myself and the others that can be assigned as needed.

All of these pictures were taken and uploaded by Seth, 13.  He even gave me a lesson so I may try it myself soon.   Happy Housekeeping!


Saturday Chores

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