Humerus Incident

We are so busy as moms, it is easy to forget to jot down the darling remarks of our children.  I am sure I have missed many, so I just had to write this one down and share it.

The other day, my seven year old, Brion, had just learned about only the bones and muscles of the arm in his third grade A Beka health.  He had to memorize them and draw them.  He had been very active outdoors that afternoon and was quite tired that night.  Right before bed, he came to me and said, “Mommy, my leg hurts a little right down here.” (pointing to the muscle in his calf area)  “Where?” I asked, looking up.  “Right down here, below my humerus bone.”

I couldn’t help smiling a little over this remark as I helped him feel better (and his tired muscle was fine in the morning.) “Wow!” I thought to myself.  “Isn’t homeschooling grand!”  He had certainly connected his health lesson in his mind enough to remember that the upper arm bone was the humerus. Brion must have assumed the upper leg bone was the same.  Naturally, I found his innocent mistake to be quite humorous and sweet!


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