Fires Again

Fire is a thing to dread.  Another fire happened very close to my house on Sunday over Labor Day weekend.  The weather has been sooo hot and dry through August, well over 100 most days!  Now high winds from Lee have swept in to add danger and it surely did push a grass fire quickly toward the two houses nearest it on the next street and spread quickly toward other houses as well. When we were returning from church, even several miles away we could see the black smoke billowing up behind the white church and steeple which clearly indicated it was not only in our neighborhood but close to our house.   We were very concerned, not knowing whether we would have a house when we got there,  so we prepared the children just in case.  “They are just things inside,” I said, “most of which we can replace.”  They were fine with that, until someone remembered the dog.  Yikes!  I was hoping it was the park for sure now.

We could not get down our street, so had to come in the back way.  Whew!  Ours was fine, but we could see and smell the smoke as the wind moved it toward us.  We first got the dog out and then packed the school books just in case we had to evacuate like the rest of our street had.  Since we had come in the back way, we had a bit of time to collect some things and leave.  No electricity and the smoke building up in the house made leaving a good idea.  But my husband ventured out and asked the men and they said it was now under control although  two houses were total loses and several others had some damage.

So we stayed and started to air out the house  and hose down the roof and yard as the danger would not be over all week.  Sadly, other fires, much bigger, occurred in Bastrop area as well as another just a mile north of us (the next day), plus others to many to list.  I feel terribly sorry for them all!  I feel humbly blessed that we were spared.  Many families and groups and pastors are rising up to help those who lost all and even some pastors have also lost their own homes near Bastrop. They are truly in sync with the great needs that families face and they are uplifting their spirits in a special way. We can all pray for them and maybe find opportunities to give as God provides.


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