Surprise Valentine Pancakes

An early morning surprise awaited me this morning. My three musketeers, as they call themselves, had been secretive yesterday evening, and I found out why today! They knew I had to take my son for the breakfast shift before school, so they had a surprise waiting when I emerged from my room at 7: 20. I found out that the ringleader, 12, had arisen at 6:30 am and gotten the other two (age 10 and 7) up and quietly gone to the kitchen where they started Bisquick pancakes for mom.

Seth later said he had divided the recipe to use only a fourth of each ingredient to make three pancakes, (right down to 1/2 an egg!) and tried to shape them in hearts. One was heart shaped, but the best part of all was that even though they love pancakes more than mom, that they only made some for me and ate cereal themselves. Such sacrificial love! What a joy to discover that they love me more than pancakes!

We had a nice time, too. They wanted me to “eat in Luxury” so they said I had to sit on the couch. Mind you, this statement was quite amusing because our couch desperately needs recovering (I have half the material I need to do it so far.) Anyway, then they made me relax and drink some apple juice with ice while they finished arranging my pancakes on a plate and put the powdered sugar on it (my favorite!)

I enjoyed my pleasant but quick meal, and prepared to take my son to work. After I told them thank you so much and was about to leave, Seth remembered he had something for me. He had made a balloon and decorated it to look like me(?) and had made a heart and a very sweet note about all the things he loves about me. I was very surprised.

So the day has started out very lovely. On top of that, they said they are planning to make lunch (pizza boats) and supper (to be decided), too!

My first three sons(now in their 20’s), who also claimed to be the three musketeers when they were young, would not have thought of such a thing at that age (as I had never taught them to cook) but, when they were grown, they began to do special things, on occasion, that warm my heart.

Well, I hope all of you enjoy a pleasant day with your children whether they show their undying love or not. They do love you, you can be sure of that!


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