Fevers and Flu

It is amazing how fast children can get sick. Within a day after I wrote the last post, The older two were coming down with something, had sore throat and slight temps. I didn’t worry as that was manageable, until Thurs. when their temps. hit 103 and rising that morning and sore throat and cough. It was time for the doctor.

While waiting for the appt., their temps went to 103.8 and 104. Very aggressive virus, so, since Jr. strength wasn’t working, had to switch to adult ibuprofen. It worked so well that their temps. were embarrassingly normal when we got to the doctor. The strep test was negative, so that left the evil flu. By evening, the third son had it, and by morning the last one.

We turned the living room couches and the lazy-boy into beds as an infirmary so that I could keep watch on each for temps, giving medicine, ice water, cool baths, etc. through each of the three nights (while I was starting to feel bad). Two were almost better by Sunday, except their coughs, so they waited on the rest of us and rested in between. Monday all of us were feeling better, but still tired and the coughs are less frequent.

Tomorrow we will try a half day of school. It will be good to eat something besides soup and crackers and applesauce and yougart again, too.

Tonight, we all went to our own beds, but I couldn’t sleep still as one woke me once already, so I am writing this. I am tired but restless, but want to be sure I don’t miss a need. Luckily, my husband did not get this flu, and I hope he doesn’t! I am glad that my case was comparatively mild, PTL!, so that I could care for the others. God was good to see us through this so well, when it hit so unexpectedly. We have since learned that there is a LOT of this going around our area. Well, time to try to get some sleep again. I can hear the promised cold front sweeping in with its winds. A perfect start to February. 🙂

Recovering my joy,

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