Busy School Days

There is never a dull moment in home schooling.  Since my daughter went off to college, I am challenged to teach the last four boys alone at different levels, so I certainly don’t lack for things to do! I find time to grade my 16 year old’s algebra every day and review hard grammar concepts while also quizzing him in Spanish vocab. review. There is also time for answering 7th grade science questions while helping my 9 yr. old learn long division, and helping my six year old with 2nd grade math, spelling, and language (among others). My days are very full of questions and answers, and, just like you, I feel tired at the end of school time, but after a short break, I still have lots of laundry and meals and cleaning to juggle in my schedule. Added to that is making sure my son gets to work on time, and I will begin drivers ed. with him soon (so he can take himself to work!).

I have finally started giving them piano lessons again, too; but it sure seems more difficult to fit it into their schedule this year. It is so good for brain development, though, that I think we will stay committed to it even if we miss a week or two, now and then. Combined with Teen Court and a speech and debate day with friends, the boys get an opportunity to exercise their minds.

For physical exercise, we sometimes do basic jumping jacks, etc. on some mornings. That is a great way to wake up your brain and cheer up a slow starter. Now that our Texas days are milder (only in the 80’s) we can finally spend time in the afternoons at the park with friends, go to the track, or take a hike. Sometimes the boys just ride bikes near home, skate. or play in their tree fort. I am always pleasantly surprised at how much the sunshine helps my health and energy level when I go to the park with them.

I had so hoped that now that all the babies are grown that I would be able to sleep all night every night. Alas, the dog is getting old, so trusty mom is the one who usually wakes in time to take her out. So I start some days a little tired just like those of you with babies to care for at night.

Well, it’s time to start a new week. Everyone is up and wants eggs for breakfast so guess I’d better get ‘cracking’. Then we can enjoy a busy day of school.

Have a sunny-side-up day!

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