Texas Cool Front

What a relief! The time and temp. sign near our house said it is ONLY 99*degrees for a change! A “cold” front, that brought us a little rain even, swept through and left us below 100* degrees for a change. And in August, too!

So, it looks promising that the heat will end sooner this year! The children would rather be outside, so they are hopeful, too. We are keeping busy getting Harmony ready for college. What is amazing in that my 16 year-old son was just hired on the spot by Harmony’s employer to take her place when she leaves. They said Harmony’s work for them was a good enough reference so they didn’t need to check his. What a blessing.

Is everyone ready to start another homeschool year? I finally have all their planners all done except their Saxon math. After testing them in the first chapters, I will know how to fill each planner in. If they get 100% they can test until they miss and start there. No use redoing material that they already know perfectly.
May God bless each of you as you pursue excellence in training your children this year!

Blessings in Jesus,

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