Summer Break

Well how are you enjoying your summer ?

The weather has been milder than normal here as it is only in the 90’s so far! Very unusual, but so welcome. We can get outside a bit more and that means more park time and sunshine. I’ve been doing more organizing at home as well as a little sewing and mending while preparing things for getting Harmony off to college. We are so glad she got a job and her volunteer work at the hospital is especially enjoyable to her. I am learning to gradually manage without her help and to get the boys to assist more. So my “staycation” (as they call it in Texas) this year has had some benefit of rest and renewal.

For the rest of July, I will be staying busy getting my teens ready for camp next week and starting to prepare for next school year. There are always books and papers to file away and lists to make to prepare for the school year and the trip to PCC. Even the chore list gets major revisions when my best helper leaves.

I rejoice for her opportunities though and she is maturing through them.
Hope all of you are enjoying God’s blessings this summer.


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