Harmony Graduated

My only daughter has now graduated and will be going to PCC in the fall. She plans to be a nurse. It is so exciting and yet so sad for me. Exciting to see what God has planned for her life, but so sad because I will miss her since we are quite close. I am very pleased that she is a daughter of purity and has a willing heart to honor and obey.

God has just blessed her with a part-time job to earn money. She had been praying and applying at several places and this was a blessing.  They are even breaking their rule and allowing her to have Sundays off.  That is definitely God’s working for her. She also applyed and was awarded a volunteer position at the hospital for the summer, too. This was through a free community class called ‘Adventures in Medicine’ open to any teenager.

It is wonderful to have the whole summer break ahead. So much to do, but I try to schedule their days enough to be meaningful but fun. I am especially looking forward to our homeschool conference in June.

There are still four boys left to teach and train, and I must prepare myself to be just as diligent in the coming years to repeat all that the first four learned, passing it on to the next four as well.

Blessings, Melanie

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